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The Elk Meadows Homeowners Association
Board of Directors and Officers Welcome You

  • Jennifer Wynn, Board President

  • Regan Whitworth, Board Member

  • Mark Petroni, Treasurer

  • Bob Wallace, Secretary

  • Patrick Browne, Board Member


Architectural Review Committee

Every new home design must be reviewed and approved by the Architecture Review Committee prior to the start of construction. Click the link to submit a question or comment to the ARC.

Board of Directors
Architectural Committee

HOA Announcements

  • Elk Meadows Annual Meeting was held May 20, 2023  

Summary of the Discussion Items:

Click Here to go to the DOCUMENTS page to view and download the PDF

  1. Elk Meadows Homeowners Association Minutes, Annual Meeting, May 20, 2023

  2. Members Present: Mark Petroni, Jennifer Wynn, Regan Whitworth, Ryan and Susan Clarke, Jennifer Mankins, Sharon Burman, Warren Bauder, Kristen and James Rosa, Mike and Mary Pat Richards, Kurt and Jennifer Krueger, Patrick Browne, Justin Dixon, Leroy Charles, Dave and Stevie Kisko, Bob and Laurie Wallace, Joe and Stanette Militello, Tom Wilson, Haley Vicchio, Tom Plumb

  3. Proxy Members: Phillippe Stouvenot, Stacey Mates 

  4. The meeting was called to order at 10 am by President Jennifer Wynn

  5. President’s Report - Jennifer Wynn

    1. By-laws have been reviewed by the Board (primarily for clarity, grammar, and updated language) and will be presented to the membership for approval

    2. Tom Plumb has updated and added to the HOA website,

    3. New construction and exterior remodels need to be approved by the AAR Committee

  6. Treasurer’s Report - Mark Petroni

    1. Budget is online on HOA website

  7. Secretary’s Report - Bob Wallace

    1. The HOA registers each spring with the Montana Secretary of State

    2. Secretary’s position provides information to membership.  Questions received are sent to the Board for consideration, and followed up with a response to the sender.

  8. Election of Director

    1. Three year term, going forward there will be one Director elected each year

    2. Nominations for Director were opened:Nominee:     Regan Whitworth​

  9. Noxious Weed Control, now and in the future

    1. Peggy Lynn, Mark Petroni and Kurt Krueger have led the HOA in this endeavor.  Common areas are the responsibility of the HOA.

    2. MarkP - There was a proposal being considered to support HOA members with the commercial spraying of their properties.  After further research, it turns out that the personnel doesn’t exist locally for this work to be done.  As an alternative, it is proposed that the HOA purchase the equipment and herbicide for property owners to spray their own property, funded by the HOA.  Mark and Peggy will provide training prior to doing the work.  The initial outlay including the herbicide would be $1000-$1200.

  10. Road maintenance/dust abatement update and discussion

    1. JenniferW - last year was quite effective

    2. MarkP -  the county paid for the treatment last year using rural improvement districttaxes from HOA members.  

  11. Firewise update and discussion 

    1. Tom Wilson, Mark Petroni and Kurt Krueger are leading the HOA on this issue

    2. Clear zone around building

    3. Eliminate small and medium trees

    4. Delimb larger trees, don’t have trees that can fall on home

    5. General information - how to deal with slash piles?  Burn permit valid 3/1 to 11/30.  Burnable natural vegetation can be brought to a dump site in the Echo Lake area.  Commercial contractors can be contacted for removal of heavy fuels

  12. Review and discussion of the Covenants

    1. The topics listed represent questions that she has received over the last year

    2. Camper and trailer use

    3. Recreational vehicle use and associated trailer parking

    4. Snowmobiles - call the police.  Don’t chase

    5. Signage at the two arches and top and bottom of the power lines can be used to limit trespassing

    6. MarkP will develop language for the signs and present it to the Board for approval

  13. Scheduling of next year’s meeting: Saturday, May 18, 2024

  14. Minutes submitted by Bob Wallace, Secretary


     Documents (click here)



Ski Discovery.png

Discovery Ski Area Web Cam

Click the Link to View the Site guide.png

List of Guides for Noxious Weeds Weeds

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 8.40.00 AM.png

Anaconda Deer Lodge Weed Control Department

A-DLC Courthouse
800 Main Street
Anaconda, MT 59711
Contact: Marker, Michael
Phone: 406-563-4071
Web Site Address -

Southern Cross.png

Southern Cross and Highway 1 Camera 

Click the Link to View the Site

Peterson Meadows Snotel.png

Peterson Meadows Snotel Site

Click the Link to view the site

Bear Aware.png

Bear-resistant residential canisters  can prevent bears from becoming food conditioned.  Link to...

People and Carnivores


HOA Rules

  • No Short Term Rentals

  • No Snowmobiles 

  • No Off-road Vehicles

  • No Discharging Firearms

  • No Hunting

  • No Fireworks

  • No Camping

  • Be Respectful of Your Neighbors


Sunrise over Elk Meadows-web.jpg

History of Elk Meadows HOA at Georgetown Lake


The Elk Meadows Homeowners Association was created in 2003 to protect and enhance the quality, value and attractiveness of the Subdivision and to help the lot owners in the Subdivision enjoy their property in these unique surroundings. Lots in the Subdivision offer unobstructed views of Georgetown Lake, Discovery Ski Area and the Pintlar Mountain Range.  

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